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Where will this cat spend the majority of its time?

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I understand that a cat adopted from a rescue may take more time to form a bond, may display fearful behavior initially, and may take time to gain trust and adjust to its new surroundings and family? Do you understand that a cat adopted from a rescue may need more time and attention initially to help overcome trauma it may have endured in its past?*

I understand that Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and Adoption Center is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about temperament or habits of kittens and cats available for adoption. I understand completely that it is my responsibility to evaluate the cat for myself before agreeing to adopt it. Yakima Valley Pet Rescue is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a cat into my household.*

I understand that Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and Adoption Center reserves the right to refuse to adopt any cats to applicants we feel would not be in the best interest of the animal. We also reserve the right to refuse any adoption, without justification, and not all applications or inquiries may receive a response.*

I understand that it is crucial for adoptees to pick up their cat (if your application has been approved) in a timely manner, as we need to free up our foster home space to take in more homeless pets.*

I have downloaded, read, and agreed to our Adoption Agreement form.*

I understand that the Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and Adoption Center is composed entirely of volunteers and that although they do their best to respond to adoption applications in a timely manner, that they are human and are doing the best they can for the animals with the resources they have and I promise to be patient, understanding, and nice to them.*

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